About Me

Hi Everyone! I’m Alex, a 23 year old graduate student at San Diego State studying nutritional sciences and pursuing the path of becoming a Registered Dietitian. I decided I needed to start this blog because I absolutely LOVE playing with food and I want to show people eating healthy can be fun! I love going to the beach, hiking, exploring San Diego, and sometimes running but it depends on what day it is ;)

I have developed a newfound love for wine. I could spend pretty much every weekend visiting Temecula and going wine tasting. It’s hard to pick a favorite but if I had to I would go with Menage a Trois, a red blend, and Kendall Jackson Chardonnay. I realize this isn’t just one favorite but narrowing it down to one red and one white wine isn’t too bad.. Oh! I almost forgot about Champagne! No questions asked Wilson Creek Almond Champagne is the best beverage you’ll ever taste. Here is a gigantic bottle if you were wondering what it looks like!

Most importantly, the guy who helped me set up this blog and the most wonderful person in the world, my boyfriend Brian AKA The SEO Cowboy. He is the cutest computer nerd I have ever met and also a HUGE San Jose Sharks fan. This in turn makes me a Sharks fan.. So GO SHARKS!

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  1. Lizluvscajun says:

    I just want to say a big thank you for your website!! It’s so hard to find healthy recipes, they are so delicious – you are helping so many people!! Cheers!!

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